Thailand Cultural Centre (Small Hall)

Charity concert featuring performance of Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor, to be performed by Watcharid Kuedchuen and piano solo works performed by Pam Kijoran, winners of the Steinway Concerto Competition 2016.

Tickets available at the concert

Premium (front rows) - 1,200 Baht
Standard adult - 800 Baht
Standard student - 500 Baht

Charity Project:

Project: Medical equipment for Pua Crown Prince Hospital in Nan province, Thailand

Pua Crown Prince Hospital is a community hospital situated in the northern part of Nan province, far from the main province hospital. The hospital does not have sufficient funding to purchase many medical equipments necessary to support increasing number of patients. The hospital also accepts patients from four smaller hospitals from other districts within the province.

Project Details and Objectives

Bangkok Charity Orchestra teams up with the Rotary Club of Bangkok to raise fund to purchase necessary medical equipments and replace old/damaged equipments for Pua Crown Prince Hospital. Although the project will not be able to raise sufficient fund to fully equip the hospital with all the facilities required, it is aimed to raise around 400,000 Baht to purchase necessary equipments according to the hospital’s priority through the orchestra’s fund raising concert on Saturday 2 December 2017.

How will your donation create impact

Pua Crown Prince Hospital currently accepts over 43,000 OPD and 7,000 IPD per year. This number is on an increase each year. The hospital is doing what they can with current set of equipment which is not adequate for the volume of patient it receives.

Many equipments have been damaged through wear and tear over the past years and are not meeting standard. With suitable and adequate medical equipments, project will have a direct impact on the quality of health care for over 50,000 patients who are treated at the hospital in Nan province.

Every baht of your donation will help to support

The total amount raised will be used to purchase necessary medical equipments based on priorities of the hospital. The list of medical equipments needed amounts to 3,739,000 baht. Example of key medical supply needed are: digital baby scale, hospital cart to carry one day dose pills, infusion pump, NIBP moniter, incubator, vacuum digital.